Whales Part 2 : Tomorrowland

by The Calefaction

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Nautically themed Pirates have taken the ship to the sky with this Skyrate infused visionary demonoid of high level capacity & philosphy.


released January 15, 2013

Nick Nova : Vox/Guitar/Samples/Orchestration
Eric Dark : Lead Guitar
Joey Bliss : Drums
Sean Tolley : Bass/Guitar

Produced by Nick Nova
Mix, Mastered, & Co-Produced by Sean Tolley at Clarity Recordings
Art & Album Concept by Nick Nova
Nova Space Records 2013 (NSR02)



all rights reserved


The Calefaction San Diego, California

San Diego Ocean Themed Death Music for Pirates & Landlubbers alike.
A Band with Intention to Write Songs worthy of Sustaining All Existence.

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Track Name: On The Horizon
Runaway from the mistakes you've made. Dig your grave there's nothing left to lose. Now learn to fall or end it all. It's a flash.
Where's a heart beat?
Track Name: Seasons In Motion
This is Our time find a way to read my mind. channel in on the prospect You've picked & designed.
Give up your heart without that We'll fall apart. Take a chance on something You can't understand.
Tell all Your friends that We're here. Pay your respects to the dead & the lonely ones that pretend.
Back to the start You'd defend that You were around but We know what the truth is now We know.
Your the fan that blows off steam in the wind.
You are the end of winter, the fire that warms this deep emptiness. your missing it now your missing it.
What if We were wrong? Just take the punches & put it together again.
And We'll be strong just like the feeling i have but you don't understand.
I love you i wish i could see you again.
Track Name: Lt. Bogomil
Magnify the light inside itself, Regardless of your human abstract counter plate. Where was the source? Straight from the sun, cerated edges of a pun. Seeing eyes are fully reckoned. Knowing is half the battle now you can feel everyone watching. Rest like peace will ever happen.
Save yourself from flight. Lifting off intended soft and softly frigid i recall. Master plan is I, We came to play now there's hell to pay. Set forth a mission Angry Eye'd. It calls for this, it calls for us to go.
Light a fire to the porch i'm standing on. In a effort of escaping it I'll kick in the front door. Who's not safe? How do you know? by the power of my given touch i'll call the winds to blow.
A Falling out never turned to fist regretting this.
Spiral out of sight outside itself.
Certainly I wont replace all my life. Who can deny that there's space in time. With my steady hands I'll put it down again nice & slow.
The difference, We're taking control.
Death will cut you out like a....
Track Name: The Greatest Story
Hello, I am unmistakable for all who know back Where i come from. I speak out loud for the lonely and insecure.
Close your eyes there's no need to worry. Say Goodnight, I'll be there to hold you tight & make sure that nothing will happen while you sleep.
Put Your arms around me & watch while i sleep. Make sure nothing ever gets me. As long as Your awake I'll be fine and safe for the rest of my days.
It feels like We're running for shelter. This moment wont last forever. I noticed since You really showed us the way out learning is everything.
close your eyes for a second, trust Me rewind You'll get it. Remember everything that You've been sold on. With your open doors & Your hardwood floors as the music roars like a beautiful symphony.
Take me back to a higher place than I've ever been. Break down the walls inside that wont let me in. Oh i know that we'll grow into the greatest story.
I'll be right here, an ora to scare away fear. Protection that falls to deaf ears. Can you hear me?
Track Name: Drop The S
With intention comes regret disregarding promises. Your the last of the chosen few. And I want you to respect out numbered militant. Your the backlash of the undertow. Say it backwards & drop the s. You'd say born to be yesterday, But it feels alright now.
For You I'll disagree please throw away the key. Let me trust in the devil i know. distance broke us at the seam. Let me show you what i mean. Your the chair kicked out. Look who's hanging now.
Honesty Forever, i bet you think your so damn clever. Honestly you lied. Don't wait around this whore of a town cuz i, i wont remember your name.
Now We're two. Feel a cut to the heart, Slowly rip me apart. Take me back to the start. Can We all disappear. I want you to know, I'm waiting for sunshine don't mess up the flow. Now bite your tongue like the coward you are.
Track Name: The Ballad of Epic Proportion
Looking out for clouds, remembrance. Like the ocean waves, a blueprint of everything so perfectly thought out. no telling adventures we could have. How long this will this ever last. Times been spent mapping out. Future of forgettable's a siren of a sound.
How can this be so crazy? & why do i dare break up everything. how can this be? how do i get you to see me in a new light?
On that night We met & the days We spent with stomachs filled with butterflies. Like a rush of a new love, that look in your eyes oh. As i take your hand remembering all the fires We've put out. With Our power there's flame no one can detain We'll rise while they fall.
How will they ever stop us when heart is Our flame? We'll break everything that's how We'll be. How do i get you to see me in a new light?
Track Name: Gold Plated Winkle Pin
i've seen all the recurring dreams on the way down to hell. i know all the little things you show are dead. Wanted to be like a drama queen, You gotta be but You know they're talking about tragedy.
Beat over common regards, bullet scars, it's over.
As She looked to the sky and she started to cry.
You'll see that smile from the moment You die.